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Chalk it up to taste

There are those who argue that terroir is everything in the making of wine; others argue  the effect of local environment is negligible. If you tend to side with the former as, say, the good folks at Road 13 (“It’s all about the dirt”), then this article may interest you. To my mind, terroir is simply the best way to brand your wine as unique. Yet relatively few wineries have adopted this effective marketing angle.

The term du jour in wine talk is “minerality.”

It describes the scent or taste (or even aftertaste) of some sort of mineral, stone or rock in a wine. Burgundian Chablis, for example, almost always tastes of chalk; red Priorat, of schist; Mosel riesling, of slate.

It doesn’t matter that, unlike the red dirt eaters of Georgia, a very few of us ever have tasted or eaten chalk, schist or slate. But each is an experience in its wine. It’s no more surprising to “taste” or “smell” chalk in Chablis than it is to sniff it wafting from a slag driveway after a light rain.

via Chalk it up to taste: Debate continues over concept of tasting, smelling rocks and soil in wine –


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