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Why brands are leaning towards minimalism

The marketing materials of Okanagan wineries seem to be geeting more complex and ornate all the time. Clearly this is related to brand differentiation in an increasingly crowded marketplace, but is it the right approach? Many major brands are, in fact, going in the opposite direction; that is, towards a minimalist look. Here’s a great article on the subject:

Every company wants to remembered, every company wants to be recognized. Whether they have a great service or product or excellent customer service, they all want a special place in your heart.

The way you feel about a company and the way you perceive that company are important, not just to you, but to them as well.

The success of a company and their product or service depends not just on the number of sales and profits reaped, but also on brand recognition.

Any company that wants to be successful pays serious attention to branding, because after all, you won’t keep your sales up if your customers, potential or otherwise, are indifferent to you.

To be concise, branding is a feeling. As designers we pay a ton of attention to a relatively important part of the branding as a whole, often called ‘visual branding’ (or sometimes the ‘identity’). Though a small portion of a company’s brand, the visual aspect is able to create feeling. So what’s the best way to approach that?

via Why brands are leaning towards minimalism | Webdesigner Depot.


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