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Are you ready for passage of Bill C311?

Tomorrow may well bring an end to the archaic legislation that prohibits the trans-border shipment of wine in Canada. After a serious procedural hiccup last week, Parliament seems set on finally eliminating the Prohibition-era restrictions on the free movement of vino across our provincial borders.

Has your winery thought about the implications of this change?

If you were among those shipping a case or two to thirsty Albertans in recent years, you may have the logistics and costs all figured out. But if not, perhaps this is a good time to determine whether or not you are interesting in shipping out-of-province.

If you do want to participate in this potentially lucrative market, you may want to consider:

  • identifying, and perhaps entering into a formal relationship with a reliable shipper who understands how to handle wine properly in transit;
  • establishing a minimum number of bottles for such shipments: 6? 12? mixed cases? 
  • setting a suitable price schedule that covers your costs yet seems reasonable to consumers; 
  • offering a discount, or eliminating shipping costs altogether, for larger orders; and
  • determining the degree to which you wish to incorporate your trans-border shipping policy into your larger marketing campaign.

As always, plenty to think about…


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