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Building a business Part 1

The first part of one wine merchant’s personal odyssey from marketing failure to marketing success during a three-year period. Among other things, the article emphasizes the growing important of broadcasting a coherent personal/business narrative via social media.

The idea to link Greek wineries with wine merchants in Germany and the UK seemed like a no-brainer to me at the beginning of 2009. I did not know anyone in the industry and also had zero background in the wine business. Despite these shortcomings, I felt confident that my passion would be sufficient to get started. I was captivated by the overall quality of Greek wine and saw serious potential to increase the very low export figures. I had lived in the UK for a decade, and being German surely would help to conquer my ‘home’ market as well.

I wrote letters to about 100 merchants, introducing myself and offering my services to them. The interest I received was literally below zero. Instead of being disheartened, I viewed this as a solid exercise, as the responses received gave me valuable insights as to how Greek wines were being perceived abroad. Perceptions are most powerful, change comes by altering them. This was the day I got serious about informing others by telling stories.

via Story of my life: Building a business Part 1 — — Readability.


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