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Social media becoming a key to marketing

If your winery has been sitting on the fence when it comes to social media campaigns, a new study suggests that you should not dally any longer. Here is a quick summary of the study’s findings:

Social Media Marketing has permeated practically every existing business, and the wine industry is no exception. In December 2011, ABLE, a New York based digital marketing agency, conducted online surveys to compare how two key industry hubs – the United States and France – are embracing new technology. In addition to comparing American and French wineries’ online presence, the study evaluated the benefits of their social media marketing.

While 94% of American wineries surveyed are on Facebook, only 53% of French wineries are embracing this popular social network; trends are similar on Twitter and YouTube.

American wineries, meanwhile, are active online and it is paying off. Nearly all of them say they benefit from using Facebook (most say the same about Twitter). 47% of US wineries say Facebook helps them generate sales (compared to 9% of French wineries). It is also important to note that 72% of American wineries sell wine on their website, compared to just 36% of French wineries.

In the US, Facebook seems to be a superior social media platform for generating sales (48% for Facebook; 28% for Twitter). Twitter, on the other hand, seems better at capturing media attention (53% for Twitter; 32% for Facebook).

Both tools appear to be efficient in engaging with customers and driving people to the winery.

In 2012, most French and American wineries plan to increase their activity on Facebook and other platforms, making this THE year of social media for the wine industry! 

The complete report is available from Able Social Media Marketing.


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