Decanting Crew

innovative wine branding ideas from around the world

Branding and marketing your winery

Decanting Crew is a blog dedicated to unearthing wine branding and marketing innovations from around the world.

Recently retired, my wife and I live in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, one of the world’s newest and most under-appreciated wine-growing areas. As long-time members of associations like the Opimian Society and other wine societies, we have frequently marvelled at the inventive ways in which particular wine brands extend their reach in the marketplace. Our interest derives not only from our love of wine, but also from our professional backgrounds in writing and the visual arts.

Rather than let our curiosity about effective branding end with us, we decided to put this blog together to curate some of the best writing on the Web about sophisticated (or  just plain unusual) ways of branding wineries and their products.

Think of us as your own personal “Decanting Crew,” filtering and clarifying branding and marketing initiatives specific to the wine industry.

Often we let the pieces speak for themselves; at other times, we add comments of our own from our professional perspectives. Our hope is that winery owners may find something here that adds to their bottom line as well as to their reading pleasure.

Enjoy the fruit of our efforts.


Barry and Brenda


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